Why Turkey?

Because Turkey is strong in medical services.

Healthcare services provided by experienced and successful doctors and healthcare professionals at medical centers equipped with advanced technology are much more affordable compared to services of other countries. This fact is a primary reason for Turkey's leading status in health tourism.
High quality medical centers and their qualified healthcare professionals and well-disciplined working principles enable both minor and major procedures to be performed without patients having to wait.
Turkish doctors and healthcare professionals, having completed their intense medical training in public and private universities in Turkey, always improve their treatment techniques by keeping tabs on developments and innovations in international medical procedures, are favored by health tourists all around the world.
The advanced technological equipment owned and processes implemented by individual and chain medical centers minimize the margin of error in diagnosis and treatment and ensures a much faster and more effective treatment.

Because Turkey offers variety.

The geographical location and climate of Turkey as well as its natural resources take Turkey one step ahead in various types of health tourism such as thermal and geriatric tourism, which are barely found anywhere else in the world.

Because Turkey is easy to reach.

Turkey, situated on the conjunction of Europe and Asia, is Europe's door opening to Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. Thus, Turkey provides with access to healthcare services with easy traveling advantages to those who travel abroad from these continents.
Today, Turkish Airlines has direct flights from Istanbul to more than 130 countries and to more than 350 cities in these countries (56 cities in Africa). Thanks to its strategical location and accessibility, Turkey has morphed into an international line throughout the world and a favorite hub for health tourism.

Because Turkey is the perfect choice for tourism

According to the World Bank, Turkey has been globally ranked the 6th with 39.8 million tourists in 2014. The strong and precious tourism infrastructure lying behind diverse regions of the country offers the opportunity to have rest and spend holidays in various locations through sea, nature, thermal and rural tourism. The high quality and superior service standards of touristic facilities in Turkey as well as gracious and hospitable approach make all the options much more attractive for international health tourists.

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