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The star sign which is a design widely-used by a powerful civilization, the Ottoman Empire, symbolizes the bright days to come and continuity. Our remedy resources present since the Ottoman time have combined with improving technology and reached today. That is how Turkey stands at the top of the most preferred countries in healthcare.

The star reminds of leaves growing one within the other and this signifies the fact that our project that has started with as one will grow larger with our solution partners and expand all around the world.

The clear-cut and modern font used in our name guarantees that the treatments will be applied by our trustworthy medical professionals using cutting-edge technology.

We have written our name in navy blue, a color frequently used in Turkish architecture, since we see it as the assuring and shining light of science.

We preferred turquoise in our logo as a reminder of traditional Turkish porcelain as we aim at being a company successfully representing our country all around the world that possesses all the required qualifications for such a mission.

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